Roadtrippin - Revelstoke

In honor of my 20th birthday earlier in the week, we headed up to Revelstoke to enjoy the road and shred some much needed Canada snow. Below are some of the photos I captured along the way.

Quick little pit stop to check out the views and accidentally drop important tools down the engine. He's laughing because we never found it.
What's a roadtrip without some bumps in the road?

Hit ferry #1 right as it was loading up, so no long wait time! (the rest of the trip we weren't so lucky with that)

There is just something about the air here. I had a really bad cold at the time, but the couple wiffs I got through the snot taking over my face, made life a little sweeter.

Kinda hard to not be in awe of B.C sunsets.

*Warning. Avanlanche area ahead*

*Warning. Avanlanche area ahead*


Waiting on ferry #2 in Galena Bay. The fog was heavy so the ride on this ferry was very eery and quiet.

After a full steak dinner, we were exhuasted from the long car ride. With a mostly clear skies on the mountain in the forecast, we headed to bed early and dreamt of all the snow we would shred.

The view of the mountains right out of the hotel door. You better believe the stoke was high that morning.

We recently saw the movie 23, so right before we got to the hotel I joked how funny it would be if our room number was 23....funny coincidence it was 213. Close enough for comfort.

Breathtaking views from the top of the Stoke chair. Appropriatly named.

Everyone knows you gotta put in a little extra work to get to the good stuff.

Captured the excitement on some unknown faces. Also was a fan of all the patches on this chick's backpack.


I put the camera away after this for some uninterrupted shred time. (it was worth it) And after the lifts finally kicked us off, our sore legs carried us back to the hotel for some much needed hot-tub time.
This place has some insane terrain.

Captured a couple being cute on the ferry ride home. I like the photos best when the subject doesn't know they are getting photographed.

This kid was walking around with all his friends (who were all wearing beanies, coats, and sweatpants) in a fricken suit! Goes to show you, you gotta be fresh 24/7. What a little lady killer.

Lonely little fisherman on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

Lonely little fisherman on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing some of my photos!